English Bulldog Standard

General Appearance:
Medium size and smooth coat; with heavy, thickset, low swing body, massive short-faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs.

Have a great zest for life, very intelligent, playful yet they are very loving and loyal.

Disposition should be equable and kind, resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and demeanor should be pacific and
dignified.  These attributes should be countenanced by the expression and behavior.

All brindles, reds, fawns, whites, solid or pied mixes of these colors. Black not acceptable only as a mask on the face.

Males: mature size is around 50lbs
Females: mature size is around 40lbs

Head & Skull:
The head should be large, but not exaggerated out of proportion to the body. Broad muzzled and short faced, but with a definite
protrusion of muzzle. The face is measured from front of cheekbone to tip of nose, long enough for unhindered breathing. Muzzle is
broad and turning up. Loose folds of skin across nose, but in no way excessively wrinkled. Undershot (but not to excess) to level jaw.
Flews are broad and hanging over lower jaw at each side.

Eyes are set low and wide, never bulging or sunken - preferably without visible haw. Eyes of any color acceptable. Eyes of any color
acceptable, although blue eyes undesirable.

Should be set high in the head, as far from the eyes as possible.  Small to thin in size with a rose ear shape.  Should not be carried
erect, prick-eared or buttoned.

Broad jaw. Undershot (not to excess) to level. Full dentition desirable with incisors a large as possible. Canines set wide apart.

Should be short, very thick, deep and strong with well arched at the back.

Chest broad and deep. Shoulders broad, rounded ribs. Forelegs powerful and straight, not bandy or curved, well boned, set wide apart
presenting a straight front. Forelegs powerful and straight, not bandy or curved, well boned, set wide apart, but under the trunk,
presenting a straight front.

The brisket & body should be very capacious, with full sides, well rounded ribs and very deep from the shoulders down to its lower part,
where it joins the chest.

Strong and muscular and longer than forelegs.  Hocks slightly bent.

Compact and firmly set with toes compact and high nuckles.  Hind feet should be pointed well-outward.  Excessively splayed feet

Thickset at root. Straight (long or short), crank, pump-handle tails all acceptable. Set high on rump, slightly rounding down. Screw tails
acceptable, but tight screws undesirable.

Gait / Movement:
Style and carriage are peculiar,  gait should be loose-jointed, shuffling, sidewise motion, giving characteristic roll.  Action should be
unrestrained, free and vigorous.

Coat: Straight, short, flat, close, of fine texture, smooth and glossy. (No fringe, feather or curl)

Skin: Should be soft and loose, especially at the head, neck and shoulders.

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